Need help with texture long moving paper


I am working on a project that showing the way of a big press paper path flow.

I am still tring to figure out how to texture this long paper that curves and move along a path.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @Sagi_Frenkel and welcome!

If the paper is supposed to be uniform in character (without printed text or images) the quickest way would be to use procedural textures on it.

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it depends how the texture should be like. should it repeat?

what works for me, is just using a path. Then on a subdivided (several times) plane use an array modifier and a curve modifier.

curve + array modifier textured


First of all thanks for your help.

Yes the texture ahould repeat it self.

And the “paper” should start from the start of the path and run throw the end.

When I did this project demoing a flexographic printer line, I duplicated the cylindrical geometry of the press rollers and then connected faces between them at the tangent lines. Then I uv unwrapped the final mesh. For any animation, I just shifted my uv coordinates.


You can simulate the printing layers with one or more empties:

mixing_texture_with_empty.blend (100.7 KB)

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ah ok, sorry, you just have to animate the x value of the plane to move it along the curve.


animate paper

blend file to check it out:

animate paper with a beziercurve.blend (923.2 KB)


Thanks both of you, you helped me alot :slight_smile:
and great thanks for sharing your knowladge with me!


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