Need help with textures.

I’m trying to make a bark texture, but there is a drawback, Yafray don’t don’t use image when rendering models unless I’m doing something wroung, does anyone notice the type of tree this is by looking at the bark ?

By the way, is there a way to make a texture/bump exempt from a certain area ?

For yafray to read image textures, I think you have to UV map them on, and set mapping to UV ( i think that’s the deal ) also, you can control which part of your object is affexted by a texture, by, in the channel directly underneath the texture you want to be affected, use a grayscale image map ( white where you want the texture to appear, and black where you want it not to appear ) and set it to ‘stencil’ I haven’t done it in awhile, so I may be leaving something out, but if you have any problems ask again. ( no idea what the tree is )

Oh yeah, the selection vertex feature, forgot about that.

For Yaf to use the image you have to UV map it like you normally would in blender, then load the same image you used in the UV mapping window in the material editor as a texture and set it’s mapping (or coordinates, I don’t remember offhand) to UV.

When you say UV mapping do you mean the one where you add a empty, contrain and object mapping ? Or do you mean the one where you select the face and apply it in real time ?

Why is this mapping need for yafray anyways ?

UV mapping is when you go into face select mode, then call up an image in the UV editor window ( the one that is a gray square inside a gray square ) possibly pressing the U key, to load selected faces, with a variety of options. tricky stuff but the tutorials are out there,…in fact, I wrote one myself,…it’s in the general forum, entitled ‘my uv mapping tutorial’ aimed at people who are just trying UV mapping. Also there’s a cool texture in the zip that you can score on. And,…BgDM is working on a more advanced tut.

I know that method, but wouldn’t the texture be shadeless ?

This method isn’t working :frowning:

After you uv map it, you have to load the same image in texture buttons, and set mapping to UV.

Ohhhhhh, why didn’t you say so :smiley: I try it tomarrow, I need to relax

i dont think so

No luck so far, is there an example someone can give me ?

I used alot of image textures in a yafray render recently for the WC. I’ll review the settings and report back.

I just did it exactly that way,…made a crate, UV mapped it in the UV editor, then loaded the same image in texture buttons and set the mapping to UV. worked great.

Does it work for bumps ?

I think so,…if I recall correctly.

Well, here’s my setting, which I still can’t get working :frowning:

Hm, looks like it should work. Try hitting tex face. That’s the only difference I can see between our settings.

Well it seems to effect the texture, but nothing compare to bumps, any idea what I’m doing woung ?