Need help with the bsmax addon

Hi guy’s i am switching to blender leaving autodesk and i found this amazing addon bsmax but i have a problem getting a tool to work.

The author made a set of keymap for 3ds max but i want to stick with the blender keymap since i want to learn blender keyboard commands but the problem is that tool the align tool to be more precise is only available if i switch to 3ds max and activate the quad menu where the align tool is located and there is no way to assign a shortcut in this special custom ui.

I search everywhere in the ui and the author didn’t include it in the blender menu. So is there a way i can get that operator to work while keeping the blender keymap without using the quad menu?

Is the author still around?

Hi Dear VertexMan

Just download the last version of the BsMax. I put the Align Tool in View 3D Menu: Object/ Transform/ Align Objects(BsMax).

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Yeah. I`m Here :wink:

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Thank dear Sir, i finally found a way to add it to the keymap and it is working fine but thank for making it available in the menu that very kind from you.

Your addon make my life so much easier in blender, i have no word how happy i am.

Have a beautiful day