Need Help with the Cloth Thing

Hi, in the screenshot below I’m trying to wrap a piece of cloth around the part where the sickle’s handle and blade meet. Problem is after I play the cloth falling animation and I try to manipulate it, it goes back to the way it was in the beginning, a flat plane. I want to wrap the cloth around that area and maybe put in a small knot. How do I do this? If this is a long process please post a tutorial which explains this if you know of any.

Overall I want to give the look of cloth, this cloth physics simulation or whatever is the thing to use right?


Here’s the blend file if you need it: BF4 Emblem in Blender Soviet Share.blend (1.75 MB)

Just model the cloth wrapped approximately the way you want it, then run a sim to get some folds and wrinkles in it. Don’t try to use the sim to do the wrapping.

Ok; thanks.

I subscribe to what K.Horseman suggests, if you nevertheless wish to start from a simulation, before you can manually edit the result, you have to bake the simulation, then go to the proper frame and apply it (in the modifiers panel).


Actually there is a sneaky other way, but I don’t recommend it. You can edit a baked cloth simulation in Particle Edit Mode. But…don’t. At least not for this.

Yeah, I didn’t even mention it, it’s only necessary for correcting animations, and it acts very odd.


Haha. Okay.

Modell it…make it with just “flat geometrie”…
And then use the solitify modifier…And then maybe use the multires. modifier and sculpt some wrinkles…