need help with the eagle head.

I need help with the head. around the eyes and neck. I cant seem to get it right.

also, does Blender have muscle or is that a addon you have to buy. I haven’t learned rigging yet but I plan to but I want to see a muscle tutorial first then learn rigging to see if I can already model the muscle using bird muscle anatomy.


HERE IS MY UPDATE. See how the eye is suppose to be round?


You cant get it right because you have not have enough modeling expierience. It comes with time. Study other work. Its not easy. You have to invest a lot of time learning off others, which is something I hate to do…but its nessisary. You will get better…

Good luck! You will do fine.

Probably because you’re using the skeleton as reference instead of the muscle and skin.

As an example, you only seem to have modeled this part of the head:
When it’s actually quite a bit more complex

thanks. i know it takes time i just wonder if I am behind since I have been studying this for like 2 years but… I do know how to use 3dsmax,maya and Blender interface for modeling and texturing, so now I need to work on my modeling texture, rigging and compositing.

yes the skeleton I can find all profiles but not the skin. I have a few shots of a side face but then I can find a front and side profile of the same bird to get accurate dimensions and well each bird is different


Keep going, it’s looking good.

In general, try to use fewer polys. it is much easier to get the general shape correct with less verts. If you are going for toon especially, it is crucial to keep it low for nice smoothing.

You can run into trouble when you model the body, feet and head separate, as the loop counts must match up or you will need some ownky geomery to make it match. Because it is a bird you may be bale to keep the body separate and use feathers to hide where they meet.

It’s looking good so far.

do you know how I can get better references? I mean should I learn photoshop manipulation so I can make better profiles etc of references. it’s hard to get both side and front profiles of the same reference and even so, it’s never of the full image gets cut of at the shoulders, etc thats why I am wondering about photoshop manipulation. i think this is also part of the problem with my modeling not having full references.

Are you going for a realistic eagle, or a Pixar toon eagle?

With the human body, you’ll need a lot of good references. But with creatures I think you can get away with it (if hyper realism isn’t something you’re after). The sideview is a must have but if you can’t find a perfect front view then you will have to be creative and break things down by thinking in term of: Sphere, Cylinders, Cone etc… and start imagining that that’s the form/shape of the thing you’re modelling and all the other references (that aren’t front view) are there to guide you in that process of visualizing/imagining.

Lining up references can be really frustrating. For one thing unless it’s a set, they have been all shot with different creatures, different focal lengths, and worse, slightly different angles. You can winf up in an endless modeling loop of adjusting front ortho vetrs, and then oops, the side ones are f*&^cked. So you adjust those, but now the front ones are off…

When I model something that has a known shape (like phillip seymour hoffman’s face) I use a whole bunch of images all smattered on a single image. I sculpt it using dyntopo, starting with big proportions, and slowly working smaller and smaller. Then retopo over it, and then sculpt once again using mutlires.

Regardless of how you do it, you’ll have to put in your dues, and just keep going. Even a bad result teaches you increases your dexterity.

If you are trying to go mdoel from references (and skip the first sculpt) the big things Ive learned:

  1. Keep it lower poly.
  2. Model the major loops first and silhouete first and connect them . So start with the eye loop, instead of trying to end with it. Ballaparking what I see, your eye loop is headed for 16 verts, when probably you will be better off with more like 10-12 ish.

Again, the bird is looking solid, keep going.

I would like to learn both but I find toon hard because how would you make your own character? I mean by this do you look up magna or disney eyes? etc. I watched the move Rio 1 and 2 to see the difference in animal characters and there basic the same bird / animal character just with a few different things but how do you apply that to any animal character you want to create? do you look up how to create a toon character or is there a certain thing to study?

there is also the creativity , imagination and some peoples have a gift for that but not everybody!
in other you got it or not
and very difficult to teach that !

Sokeep practicing and one day you might find it easier
but it does not mean you will be a new Leonardo !

happy bl