Need help with the mirror modifier

Hi, I’m modeling an M1911 hand gun and I needed some help. If you look at the screenshots below you can see one of the upper receivers side is different from the other, I first made the two sides with the mirror modifier on and then applied it and then tweaked each side how I wanted it to be, now I want to make the rest of the barrel/receiver with the mirror modifier on, but when I put on another mirror modifier it mirrors the whole two sides, I just want it to mirror from where I left off… is this possible? If not what else can I do? To be clear, I want to mirror the rest of the upper receiver now.


The mirror modifier applies to the whole object, you cannot selectively mirror part of it.

Why not model the symmetric parts with the modifier, apply it then make the asymmetric changes
Or model the rest of the gun with the mirror modifier, apply it then join the two pieces together

Yeah; should have made the whole thing and then made the minor changes LOL Well no biggie… thanks for the reply :slight_smile: