Need help with the rigging of a ship

Hi guys!

As the title says, I need some suggestions on how to model the rigging of ship effectively.
This is where I´m at the moment, the shrouds:

I made a plane, put it in position and deleted the horizontal edges. The vertical edges were converted to separate curves, so I could use a curve and array modifier. But I have no idea how to attach the deadeyes and chainplates to the rope, the start/end cap options in the curve modifier gave me rather weird results.

In the end, it should look like this:

Any suggestions more than welcome! :slight_smile:

Post a blend file of the objects you want rigged.

It shouldn’t be too hard with constraints,also there is a special option somewhere where you can assign empties to curve sections so you can rig a rope for example.

I don’t have access to blender atm but hopefully someone can help you with the .blend file.

I knew it would happen someday, that someone would want to know how to rig a ship in Blender and that they would be told instead how to rig a ship in Blender.
Sorry, just had to say that.
Is it that you are having trouble running the line around the deadeye or that you are having problems with the way the object is hanging?

By the looks of it, what you might be looking for is hooks. Heres a simple introduction to using hooks for curves

you could also rig the rigging with armature and bones!
should work

or use lattice deform

happy bl

Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Tried a lot the last few days, but I ‘think’ I have a working solution for the shrouds:
I made a simple plane with a couple of subdivisons (it´s attached to the hull and chainplates with a shrinkwrap modifier and two vertex groups). Then I used a latice modifier to give the plane the shape of
the shrouds. 5 curves were added (also controlled by the latice modifier) and attached to the plane with a shrinkwrap modifier. The curves can be moved wherever needed and they keep their length, like on rails.

Last step is to give my shroud model a curve modifier and voila…done.

The whole setup seems complicated but it doesn´t take more than 10 minutes and it´s easily adjustable when copied to the other masts :slight_smile:

can you upload sample file to show how to set it up
would be usefull for other peoples too

happy bl

Will do tomorrow :slight_smile: