Need help with the Skinning part in the Ginger Bread man tutorial

Ok i have some how followed the tutorial and have reached the part where you have to skin your mesh .I am now stuck in the part of the tutorial which mentions about ‘Vertex Groups ,Envelopes and the order of modifiers’ .I am not being able to follow up on this part:

(In order to get a smooth deformation of the mesh you should move the Armature modifier to a position above the Subdivision Surface modifier. You do this by clicking the Move Modifier buttons in the Modifier context (The modifier stack in the Modifiers context). Also, each bone has an area of influence called Envelope. The armature will deform the mesh from both the assigned vertex groups and the bone envelopes.)

Now what do i have to click on from here to move further ?I have currently parented the body to the armature.Any help ? any body?

Babar I have the very same problem but I notice that nobody has replied to your query so I’m wondering if it is not possible to solve as I notice you posted 22 June 2011, If you have solved it then let me know.

Canny Lad