Need help with the Vehicle Wrapper

Hi all!
I’m just playing around with Blender and I want to create a simple game where I can drive a car around a 3d envirement. I can handel the 3d aspect but I’m running into trouble with the Python scripting.
I’m following this tutorial:
Okay I copy his script into the clipboard, But when I try and run it, it says this ‘Python script error, check the console’
And the console says this:

Syntax Error: invalid syntax
File “”, line 1
Import the PhysicsConstraints module

I dont have a clue what could be wrong… I didnt download anything for this so is that my problem? Anyhelp would be awesome!!! Im using version 2.47

pfft, i’ve tried that tut twice using 2.46, and nothing works, even if i follow it completely. but, when i press a button in the BGE, the frame rate drops extremely…

Okay I got it working!!
It was a simple matter of having the objects named incorectly. Try setting all your objects to the same exact names as in his demo.