Need help with topology

I’ve made 1 mesh using 3 different methods.
They look pretty similar in the solid view:

But in wireframe they’re pretty different

Right one was made using booleans
Middle is straight up loop cuts
And the left one was made using knife project.
I understand that boolean is the worst there will ever be, but I don’t know which one is better out of 2 others (loop cuts have WAY less ngons, but knife project just looks a bit cleaner).
Any tips on clearing ngons like these? I know that I can delete vertices of straight line holes and will be doing so now, but need help with the ngons atm.

P.S.: First time posting in here, sry for my formatting.


I find it really powerful to use combination of both the boolean operations and edge loops. Boolean operations give you that non-destructive form and control while edge loops tend to make booleans job easier when it comes to connecting “stray” points.

Here I have an example of that:

Here’s the .blend file, in the second layer you’ll see the object that are used for punching holes and indents. Note that I used Bool Tool add-on for this, it makes boolean operations much faster.

i would say stay away from boolean and instead use loop, but not being afraid of having Ngons. this is hard surface modelling after all, ngons wont show in many cases.

Why are you using so many vertices for the holes? You could get away with 8-16 or maybe even less.

Also, Ngons really don’t matter on a flat surface as long as you have supporting edge loops.