need help with tracking

I purchased the blend, track match tutorial from the blender store and the other day I went through the first video without much trouble. Today I started trying out video 2 and have had terrible luck with the tracker. When I click either of the ‘track selected markers’ buttons it moves to the next frame, the tracker becomes unselected and hasn’t moved or tracked position. Also, the search area handles are missing and I don’t know how to get them back.

If I right click on a tracker and move it, then left click it appears to still be selected, so I don’t understand why tracking forward deselects it and doesn’t track anything. I have to manually move the tracker for each frame which seems like I’ll end up with a tracking solution that isn’t as accurate. Any ideas? Thanks.

Okay, so as soon as I posted this I manually tracked a few more frames until the footage calmed down a bit - it had very large movements in the beginning. Once it calmed down, it tracked forward successfully. However, I’m still not sure how to get the handles for the search areas to show up. Thanks.

There should be a checkbox called ‘Search’ under the tab ‘Marker Display’. It’s located on the right menu in the Movie Clip Editor.

Got it, thanks!

I often have to manually track points frame-by-frame for a while. Like you said, if they move too much then it has trouble tracking. Sometimes though, it never seems to settle down and I end up deleting the tracking point. It’s a bit of a gamble whether to keep doing it manually or toss in the towel.

Steve S