Need help with transparent texture...

(IngieBee) #1

Hi, I asked this in the Q&A forum, but can’t seem to get a result,LOL.

My question is, is that I can’t make my Tga image paste on to an object with parts being transparent. I’ve done this with my rail for the Brandbury Building here: and even though I made that in an older version of Blender (btw, with the help of several of you in the community back then, thanks again) It still seems to work in 2.23, so I don’t think that’s an issue.

I’ve used the same settings here for a set of teeth (aren’t they lovely, LOL :stuck_out_tongue: ) which you can see here: but can’t get the transparency to work. The image is a Tga and the black you see is actually transparent when opened in Gimp. I think this is a requirement when doing transparencies. Let me know if you can do this by just having a black background, that would be good to know, thanks.

Anyone see the problem? Heck, If I could understand what’s going on, I’ll write a tutorial, don’t know of one out there!!!

Please help, thanks so much, Ingie

(S_W) #2

I simply changed the opaque button to the alpha button and it worked.
Hope this helps you! :wink:

(IngieBee) #3

Errr, opaque button? Under materials or Textures, or??? I’m feeling really stupid here… where is that button please? I don’t see it, I’m famous for overlooking things, though, thanks so much for finding the problem!!! I just have to find that button!!! LOL (feeling excited :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Ben) #4

-Press F over 3D window then press “Paint button” icon

(IngieBee) #5


I’ve got it! Thanks Ben, Thanks S_W, Thanks Gargola, I’m so glad I get it now, but ooooh gotta clean up that texture some more, LOL

Thanks so much!!!

Love INgie

PS, I’ll do a tutorial on transparencies, I’ve got to look in my BlenderBook and understand a little better the why’s and hows its, but I will do, In case anyone wants to know.

Love Ingie