Need help with unwraping tree

Hi, first i want to apologize for any grammar mistake in this thread :o, english is not my native language

i have been using Blender around a month (more or less) and today, i have problems understanding the unwraping part

my texture get stretched and the only i can do is scale on Y it but would be too big

here is my .blend (i used roadkill to unwrap it)

tree2.blend (521 KB)

the only i can do is scale on Y it but would be too big
Why is that a problem ?
You are mapping a small texture on very long faces so the texture will be stretched. Either give more resolution to your texture or use a iled texture to replicate the texture multiple times along the tree trunk

Get big images to use as texture sources. Then, grab pieces of these and projection-paint them at various places on the tree, to create a custom texture for the tree that is taken from many sources. You will, so to speak, “spray paint” those textures onto that tree.

When you do it that way, the unwrapping really doesn’t matter much, if at all: Blender’s default, whatever it may be, works just fine. Because, what you’re literally(!) going to do is to “point your texture spray-gun” at suitable places on the source texture(s) and start “spraying them onto” the target object. Yes, there is a UV-map. Yes, it does determine where the pixels wind-up on the final map. But you really don’t care much where they actually go.