Need help with UV Mapping Coordinates in Blender 2.68

I have added a texture using an image and I’ve been trying to have the mapping coordinates set to UV. But in the dropdown list for mapping coordinates, there is no UV attribute. I’ve been trying this based on a tutorial, so this could be due to a difference in the version. Could someone let me know how to set UV Mapping coordinates for the texture in Blender v2.68?

Ensure you are adding the texture to a material not adding a texture to the world

is this in BL or cycles?
can you upload file so we can better analyse the facts and help you!

and which SVN are you using ?

happy bl

Also, make sure you’ve unwrapped the object. UVMap doesn’t show up if you don’t.

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: I had actually added the texture in “Other data textures” section. Added in the material section and problem solved.

It’s in Blender itself. Got it fixed, thanks anyways :slight_smile:

In the node editor, you go ‘Add’>‘Input’>‘Attribute’ node. Then you type in the name of the UV map you want to use.