Need help with UV mapping

I made a 3d camera track and i added Hugh model from Jimmy Neutron witch i downloaded from video game resources.
I put the model through mixamo and made him dance but i uploaded it to mixamo without a texture
So when i add the texture in blender its messed up i tried uv unwrap, smart uv project but it does not work the texture is here:NhoodN_pak-0000000271

It would be weird if you were able to downlad the texture and the model, and there would be no uv map for it. My guess is that the model was already unwrapped in the file that you’ve downloaded, but either it wasn’t meant to be opened by blender or that you weren’t able to use it properly.

There is no way you can exaclty unwrap it the same way as it was unwrapper before.
You can unwrap a model of a character in infinity ways, so for each unwraping you need a different texture. You can try match it as close as you can but it’s not going to look the same way as in the orignal unwrap.

BEFORE: So when i import the file without importing to mixamo the texture is fine but after i process with mixamo it just gets messed up. NOW: i just need to remove the unwrap when i press UV>Reset
it just repeats the texture in the whole mesh.

I was able to fix it, just needed to re import the mesh