Need help with UV mapping

Hi, I’m new. And I’m barely concious and need sleep, and I apologize up front for something that is probably staring me in the face.

I am modelling a character for unreal tournament 2004. Model is more or less done, and I’m UV mapping. I have previous experience with doing this in maya, but it was years ago, and I barely remember termonology, let alone how to do it.

I have unwrapped an arm, and I’m trying to overlay one half with the other so they use the same texture area. Problem is I can’t figure out how to separate the UVs; when I go to move one side on top of the other, the other moves out of the way. [That is to say the edges are connected and I can’t seem to find a way to split them apart.]

Halp? :D?

nvm, I got it