need help with UV

i’m still not very knowledgable about UV

so i need some help to complete this task

see pic

my model is done with nurbs surface
and for the time being it’s only 1/2 the head with beac

and i’ll do the mirror after the UV if it is possible
if i’m satisfied with the mapping

should i do it directly now on the nurbs surface or should i convert to mesh first

now to begin the process

1 - i have to load the UV pic in the material first
and after i should also load it in the UV editor i think to make it easier to follow
the mapping and see if i don’t make any mistake?

one thing the first pic is for the whole thing
but i’m beginning only with the head feathers
see second pi which does not include the beac per say
that will be done afteward

i already read most of the wiki page on this but still find it so difficult to complet the process and be able to modify it if required afterward

appreciate any help



There’s no way to UV map a NURBS object. You’ll have to convert to mesh first.

then why is htere in the Curve panel a UV ORCO variable

i tried the UV editor and cannot access the UV unwrap menu

but i can see the UV being done but like a repeat all over see pic

so i’ll do another file and convert this Nurbs into a mesn then apply the UV UNwrap
and see what happen


did a nea file and i think a did a automatic unwrap so i do i get rid of this unwrap it’s all facea all above each faces !

and which method should i select as unwrap and how


You can always “get rid of” an unwrap by unwrapping again. Choosing a new layout will rearrange the verts, effectively obliterating the previous layout.

Based on this model, and the fact that you made half of the head using a reference image for half of the head, I suggest you start with the first option in the UV menu; “Unwrap.” That will project the whole shape as one “piece.” It’s worth a try, you’ll definitely have to tweak it quite a bit, and it may not work quite the way you want.

If it doesn’t, try choosing “Project from View” in Side View. This may result in overlapping faces, but it’ll be closer to what you are going for, and should require less tweaking.

Good luck.

i made another file and did a mesh then unwrap as you said as per the view projection

now see the pic

i had to resale the UV pic to fit as closed as possible to the size of the background pic but this is far from being finihs
what is the next step to make it cover the surface without too much distorision?


see pic
i re scale the whole UV map to fit as closed as possible the gackfgronud image
but it does not fit well

now if i try to move edges it seems to be lock at 90 degres in Z or Y
but cannot move in diagonal
is that normal?

and the vertex of one uv square is not attached to other square UV map
is this normal too ?

i also did render of it and it looking bad how come?

sorry i jsut check out the size of pic is it is only 150 x150 pixels
so i guess this is why it is so bad
i’ll see if i can find another one with better resolution than that


i replace the pci in F6 with anew one

but in UV editor when i go into edit mode
i still get the old pic not the new one’
how can i get rid of this pold pic
and get the UV map over the new pic?


The quickest way to tweak the verts without distorting them too much is probably using proportional editing. There’s no icon in the header, so use the Okey to turn it on and off.

I’m not sure why your UV faces are disconnected. They should be sharing vertices.

When you changed the image in the F6 window, you changed the texture image for the material. If you want to change the image in the UV editor, you have to do that separately, with the “Image” menu in the UV editor itself.

i tried to use the UV inage and selected the other pic but
when i went to the edit mode it continued to use the old picture
how come?

now by using the view project with bound
it looks like the size of the pic is not the same area than the mesh MAP
i did rescale the map in uv editor
but i have to do this editing i guess to make it fit on the whole picture

when i do the render i cn see very little of the UV mapping
and lots’ of grey
is there something else to set somwhere so it gives the full
UV mapping in the render ?

anyway i’ll try to continue tomorrow on this


You have to change the image, in the UV editor, while the object is in Edit Mode and all vertices are selected. This will assign the new image to all of the faces in your model.

That’s right. There’s no way to unwrap a mesh based on an image; all of the unwrapping options are based on the mesh. You’ll have to use the UV editor to adjust the UV map. If you press “O,” you can toggle proportional vertex editing, just like in the 3D view. This will minimize the distortion of your UV map as you move vertices around to match the image. It’ll take time, but it’s a necessary step.

Remember, what you’re doing is telling each vertex where to sit in relation to the image. The mesh doesn’t know anything about images, it only knows how to be a 3D shape. When you unwrap it, you tell it where the points should go for the texture to look right. There’s no automatic unwrapping option that will work in every situation. In your case, I think “Project from View (Bounds)” will give you the best shape to start with, but you’ll still have to tweak it and adjust it manually. Use proportional editing, (Okey), that should make it easier.

If I understand correctly, the whole texture image is rendering, but it’s not completely covering your mesh, right? That’s because there are verts and faces in your UV layout that are outside the image. You have to line up the UVs with the image to fix this. You can do it, it’s easier than you think. Just have fun with it, okay?

I should be here later, and/or tomorrow, if you have more questions. :wink:

about this render
ok when i do the render it looks like the UV mapping is almost invisible
like if there was a transparent see pic earlier of render

i did not set up any transparent mateirial as i know of

so i was wondering why it was so pale or transparent

i think the UV pic should be full color and not transparent

see pic

also in the renderred pic the size of the UV is smaller than the mesh why ?

i mean the UV map cover the whole pic see pic of mesh


I believe those answers are in my last post. Can you upload a .blend file please? I’ll play with it when I get home.

ok i correctd the 2 pictures

F6 is the real pic being UVmap
and pic inUV editor is only a reference pic

so the 2 must bethe same

now for the color i tried to set the base color as black and it does not change anything to the render color still loks like the mapping is almost tranparent
i’ll play more whit it

if you find anymore ideas le me kniow

is it possible becaue the size of the pic is only 250 X 250 that it’s being diluted on the mesh ?
see pic i don’t see the black which should appear on the bottom where i don’t have any UVmapping
but it’s not even there

i tried a new pic with red bars on the boudaries
and look at pic i had to change the scale of the unmap to cover the pic

the UVmapping is out of focus the red lines ar smeared on the width
what could cause this effect ?


i redid another one with a green arrow and letters

see pic

and UV mapping seems to be workig fine!

so does this means there is a problem with whitish color ?


the pic is withish so i increase a little bit the emit value of the base color of the mesh
and it seems to give better results for the mapping

now i got change the shape of my model to fit the pic
that should give better mapping overall


i did another model to experiment some more

in model mode i loaded a bacgroun pic and made the size/ shape of my model the same

agfter taht i unwrap the model and check it outin the UV editot
but the size or scale is not the same in X or Y
is there any way to adjust that see pic ?

first pic is in model mode and the second is in
UV editor and there you can see that the scale is wrong why ?


id id some modificatin on the mesh

and this has added some face in uv editor

how can earase only theses faces see pic


1: The image is not transparent. As far as I can tell, it’s rendering exactly the way it’s supposed to. The reason nothing happened when you changed the color to black is that the base color in the texture image is white. If you had an image with an alpha channel, you’d see the eagle head on a black background in your render; you’re using a .jpg image, which has no alpha, so no transparency, so no black base color. It looks washed out because the feathers are white, so they don’t look very bright against the white background, and because all of the other colors are desaturated, so they look a little pale. Have you tried changing the “Ref” value to 1.0? That might help a little, but I don’t think there’s much else you can do.

2: Do the red splotches appear in a render, or only in the 3D View? If it’s just the 3D view, it’s nothing to worry about.

3: I don’t know enough about the calculations involved with unwrapping a mesh to be able to say why your layout is “squashed.” But it looks like it’s not distorted, so if you scale it and move it, you should be able to get it lined up correctly again.

4: You don’t want to delete those new faces, you want them to show up correctly in the UV editor. Try unwrapping the mesh again. You’ll probably have to scale it in the UV editor to get it to fit your reference image.

ok beginning to look nice

now i got 3 objects right now
if i joint all of then into one object are the UV map going to follow with no problems?

see pic

the main head object is a little rough even after applying a subsurf on it so i may have to change it a little to get some smooth transitions

but it’s beginning to look nice
now i got to work on the main body and see the results
should look good i think

i like to model with nurbs surfaces so easy to get the proper curbves in 3D and fast also

now for one of the model i need this head but is there a way to change the color and make it all the same color
to make a double head model for the old roman army standard called an "aquilla imperialis "