Need help with UVs


I have a cylinder with a seperate face. When I unwrap the cylinder I want this face to get the same UVs than the underlying face. But what I get in the UV editor is the seperate face next to the cylinder UVs.

Is there a automated way to achive what I want?

On the left side you see what I get when I use the normal unwrap function. On the right is the result what I want which is manually edited by scaling, and moving the uvs. But because I gonna have a lot of this faces I want an automated way.

I hope you can help me!


Waiting for a better solution, what I would do in this situation is:

  1. unwrapping the master mesh
  2. duplicating it and applying it a tiny Shrink/Fatten
  3. cutting and deleting all unwanted faces

But I think someone could have a better way than these steps.

sounds like a quite complicated solution (I expect to have some thousand faces) but thank you for your input :slight_smile:

I would unwrap the cylinder with the face attached then separate it afterward.

my usecase is to build a model of a pillar where a LED-strip with hundreds of LEDs is wrapped around for an interactive installation. seperate every “LED” by hand seems like a lot of work…

I’d separate out the hanging face, unwrap the cylinder, then data transfer UVs nearest face interpolated from cylinder to hanging face.

A cylinder projection on the undivided object ought to get you something similar, but considering this is a test case and a cropped one at that, I’m not sure it’s a general enough solution for you.

Using what? Something like UV Project modifier? (I never had to use it for now so I don’t know)

Using data transfer modifier.

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thank you! this is what I want!