Need help with water reflection


I’ve been trying to figure out how to set up a nice water with reflection for a long time. I’ve studied the ultimate water shader blends and all other available water files but I can’t get my water to work with reflection.

I even appended a water with reflection from a blend where it was working into my file and there it didn’t work anymore!

Please, if someone could make this work for me I would thank him/her a thousand times.

I prepared a file with my water plane (the big one lying underneath) and the water plane with the working water-reflection which is now not working in my file.

I am really becoming frustrated not getting this to work!

Here’s the file:

Thanks for all help in advance!

Post a normal blend file. Not a blend2

oh sorry grabbed the wrong file: here we go

What exactly are the problems? and what do you want with the water? (goals, look, what type of scene etc.)

A little side note: Generally with all reflective water (say if you download file or something) it won’t work properly when you append it to a new file. Some tend to be scene specific.

Hello… I think you should start it with simple reflection first. And add bumps animation later bit by bit. Frankly, your composition looks messy.

the top plane is not mine… it is the appended plane from another file. in the other file it works. also the composition is not done by me.
the lower plane is mine and I need it to reflect the environment like a mirror. but it should not reflect everything like a flat mirror but like water does. look how this water reflects the environment
That’s what I want my water to do as well. Hope it is more clear now…

@mziskandar: what do you mean by simple reflection? do you mean the mirror/reflection script? Or is there another way to reflect the environment in the Game Engine?

Cheers André

Try this.forAKM.blend (140 KB)

thanks a lot mziskandar… The reflection is working but I think you forgot to pack the files, the textures are missing. I will try to understand how you solved it.

By the way… what did you do with the monkey? when I zoom out he turns blue :smiley:

Ok, what I don’t understand: why do you have normalmapBig and normalmapSmall?

hey, thanks to you I’ve got some nice results now. But now comes another problem. The sunlight is not reflected properly. I played a bit around with the nodes but I couldn’t fix it. Could you take a look at this too?

Thanks a lot in advance! You already helped me a lot!

Normal map big and normal map small… so that when I fly high/low, the tiling won’t look so obvious. The blue monkey because of the fog/mist. As I can recall, I fix the light bumps by adding new material (for bumps) under the node (not in composition) and ix the 2 materials in the node.Add skybox. the effect will be something like this wip…


ok, now I got almost perfect results. I will have to do a new animated normal map, the one I am using looks not good enough.
But there’s now another bug:

I am using 4 cameras in the game. I can change them by pressing “C-Key”.
But the water reflects only according to the active camera in the viewport!
That means when I am in camera 2 in the game the reflections are based still on camera one (that was set in the viewport). Is there a simple way to fix this?

If you are using 1 camera view at 1 time (eventhough you have multiple camera location, just jump the camera to desired location - thats easier.