Need help with Weight Painting

Hey, Could you help me to figure out, the way to weight paint something that inside the mesh. As example I have a model, I am using Autorig for rigging, so i cant have the loose parts, all mesh have to be connected, but I do have a teeth inside the body mesh, is there any way around to mask the face and only work with the teeth and tongue/move it to different layer or something that could help with workflow. I was looking for answer, but couldn’t find anything useful :frowning:

Go to edit mode and select vertices that you want to edit (inner mouth, teeth, tongue etc). In weight paint mode press Vertex selection masking button (hot key V):


Also you can hide poligons in edit mode and then in weight painting mode with pressed Vertex selection masking button these poligons will be hidden.

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Thank you my friend, also I found that thingy over here, could I just transfer weight between the different weight groups?


it worked, but it wont let me paint it

This is for copiyng vertex groups to selected objects (tho vertex index should be same for both active and selected objects).

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U should paint with Vertex selecteion masking (VSM) button pressed on and veritces should be selected. Try press A to select all vetices in VSM mode. :slight_smile:
Here is article

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it worked! Thank you, god bless :pray:

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also one last question, is it possible to transfer weight from this group, to other ones?

p.s nvm, i found the way around, since its autorig, I just renamed it, and its automatically did everything :smiley: