Need Help with....

camera.blend (129 KB)
can anyone teach me how to create collision for the camera every time it collides with the walls and etc. I have downloaded a simple demo here at blenderartists, its a game called “camera collision” but i cant seem to figure out the logic behind it. I followed everything but it doesnt give me the right output but instead gives me an error at the console, something about using string. Im totally lost.

I have here a simple scene,And i Cant figure out how to make the “Save your file here” object to display only the words, making it transparent…ive been having this problem for 2 months, but still i wasnt able to arrive to the right output… I was replied a lot of times by blender people, but they dont give the right output… please help… thanks…

I have fought with alpha several times before, so I am willing to check out your alpha blend. However, it would help me out a lot if the textures were packed.

(in case you don’t know how to pack textures: file->external data->pack into .blend file)

Thanks Mr. Kupo, You remind me of someone from a game :slight_smile:

heres the packed file that of the alpha texture.
in 2.45, its easy to create a transparent object unlike in 2.49

makeitanalpha.blend (143 KB)

Do you happen to know how to do the collision for the camera?
can anyone help?thanks

Are you sure you packed the textures right? I am still missing save.png.

Ok im a friend of FUNinBlending, he wants me to post this image… He’s Out of reach as of the moment.


I noticed your .blend was in multitexture mode, are you unable to use GLSL? If you can’t use glsl, then it is easiest to have the alpha in the image. Then you can go to the edit panel -> texture face (need to have a UV mapped mesh in edit mode for it to appear) then use either clip alpha, or alpha. For your text I recommend clip alpha.

If you can use GLSL you don’t even need to have an alpha channel, just set the material alpha to 0 and push the alpha button in the texture settings (in the material buttons, this will change alpha based on the color values)

Well, I’ve been starting a game for over 4months now with multitexture materials, will things change if its in GLSL?

If you’re not using texface at all switching to GLSL mode shouldn’t change anything other than make the lighting per-pixel.

Ok got it, but still working on the alpha texturing.

How does packing work?
I keep doing this packing thing, but it doesnt work. everytime i delete the image from the source file, the object goes back to its original color without the texture.