need help

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I am making a pong game and i want the ball to bounce back in the direction that it came from witht he same velocity as it hit. The collision logic bricks do not recognise that the ball hits. and i need it to reflect back in the direction that it hit the paddels

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1 - NEVER post a question with ‘I need help’ as a topic, say something of the kind of help you need. Otherwise you’ll be ignored (unless to be flamed :slight_smile: )

2 - Your question fits best in the realtime engine forum so…

3 - I dont know the answer :stuck_out_tongue:


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I tried to do this in my game for the speed game modelling contest on level 5, which is like breakout. I didn’t have much success, so I found making the paddle curved instead of flat would work better. As for bouncing back at the same velocity, it should do that automatically with the default settings. If you want more control you can add a material to the paddle/walls, go to the DYN settings of the material, and increase the restitution as high as it can go.

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ummmm sorry to bust your bubble but this is the realtime forum :frowning: