need help...

what I got here is a room with a single chair, and a soda can… this is intended to be a place where syndicates torture their victims… i now it’s far from looking that wau… i wanted to add liters and dirt as well as wall grafitti and weathered posters… the problem is I don’t know how to do it… pls give other suggestions… thanks… don’t worry, i’ll take everything as constructive crits…


Well, for one, that wood is waaaaay to large to be real. Unless they live in Midgetville, it’s totally out ot proportion.

smaller wood planks.
I would zoom in more on the door. 3/4 of the scene is wood.

The details on the chair and soda can are hard to see. hard to critic.

thanks guys for the reply…

i also have that in mind… i made that wall in a single mesh… i got the texture from the texture cd in the blender site… i think i’ll remake the wall so that the textures will look smaller

i think i’ll remodel the chair since it may look too comfortable for someone to be tortured… i’ll make it look shabbier and worn out… the soda can is supposed to be one of the trash/liter so detail is not that needed…

Certainly the wood is wrong in size, you may be able to fix it by changing the size values. The doorway is much too clean. That would be the perfect cut for a door way. Too perfect. Atmosphere in general could use some work as right now I wouldn’t be scared to go take a seat. Keep on working. :slight_smile:

thanks t0rc… i definitely will work those things out, though i can’t get to it right now… my major exam is within this week so i should study first, but once i get through those test, i’ll be blendering away… thanks again!