Need Help!!

hello everyone this is my first post in the forum so hi :slight_smile:
i recently downloaded the new version of blender and ive found that when i go to move vertices or edges etc it doesnt just move the selected vertices but the others around it. could somebody please tell me how to fix this problem? :confused: i desperately need to sort this out
thanks in advance

Iā€™m going to make a wild guess and say you have Proportional Editing on. When you grab, do you see a circle? If you scroll up or down with your mouse wheel, it should expand and shrink, lessing and enlarging the area of effect, To get rid of it, simply hit ā€œOā€, or look for the icon that looks like an O. Next to it you can find other settings for it, including different falloffs, which can be quite useful.

thank you very much contagion :smiley: its funny how the simplest things can make a big difference eh, so thank you again