Need Help...

everytime i open the Blender program, something popup like this…
and wut’s python???:confused:

First, Welcome to the Forums.

Second, you’re question has been asked (and answered) hundreds of times, use the Forum search, it will be good practice for you, if you still can’t find the answer then I’ll tell you the answer :slight_smile:


please help:( , im very noob here, i cant find wut i wanted from previous search…

Ok, first, the message is harmless. Since you don’t know what Python is … try Google.

I just ran a search for “import site failed” and got 248 results.

‘no installed python found’ returns over 200 results.

“blender import site failed” … typed into Google returns over 100,000 results … probably not all of them relevant, but the first result returned by Google gives you the anwer directly from the Blender org site :slight_smile:


thanx i will try…:slight_smile:
sorry to bother you again…
i downloaded a python 2.4, now i go this window…
but how do u disable this window??

You can’t. If you close it, blender will close. It’s the default output for python scripts, which you’ll welcome if you start programming with Python/Blender :slight_smile: Just minimize it and ingore it.

… And “how do I get rid of the black window box” has also been asked … many … many … many times :slight_smile:

(Sorry to yank your chain about “pseudo” FAQ’s)…


:o thank you so much, u had helped me alot…:yes: