need help...

Hi is it possible to use blender to make art for a website??

I am planning to create a demon figure that in the intro of my site it will have a 3d animation where the demon cracks open the backround of the website and water vapors/mist comes out of the cracks and slowly freezes then a 3d looking ice login window appears.
would you think I can use blender to create the 3d demon and also a 3d password menu.
just talking about artwise. I know how to code the stuff. IF I could is their any good tutorials on what a professional 3d artist should know. Like artistic concempts or somthing that I can slowly master blender to a point that my 3d art looks great/ life like.

Take a look at the gallery to see some of the possibilities.

I see the art gallery. It’s great. But I am not mainly a good artist myself.
I am mostly a programmer. But would like to brush up my art skills by going to sites you guy’s recommend since you guy’s I bet make awsome art. I plan futher down the years to create a game I got the programming experience to handel the programming aspects.
now I really want to know the tech in making realistick looking 3d models/ art.
I also would like to learn the terms used in 3d modeling and stuff. like vectors I know some already. But I want to be able at the end make great art that even artist would be proud.
lol you know what I mean??? So I got to really know what a professional 3d artist needs to know in order to be called a professional.

hi hockey! I can’t really help you, I’m still getting to know blender myself but it’s cool that your a programmer, I am too!

dude, slow down.

In answer to your question, yes, Blender can do all that stuff you need and much, much more.

But can YOU do it? I mean, of course you CAN do it, but not before a serious amount of training and practice.

Now, this is probably the best introductory tutorial you’ll ever run across

my advise is you do that tutorial ASAP

(maybe you could sculpt your demon from that very same character, who knows?)

The main thing a 3d artist needs is to be an artist. Blender is just another tool. Some here are self taught, some have taken classes, some have degrees and a career in drawing or architecture or something similar. If you want to be an awesome artist, and create great art, get yourself a sketch pad, a couple of drafting pencils and an eraser, and start sketching. And keep sketching. If any chance comes your way to take an art class, do it.

Visit the local library and check out books on art: both technique, and books on artists. Get a hold of Arthur Loomis’ Figure Drawing for all its worth (or any of Arthur Loomis’ drawing books) and study it. Google up some drawing tutorials. But it all starts with some pencils and a sketchpad.

The exact reason I started looking for a free 3d modeling app:yes:…leading of course to blender!! It got to a point with my games where I realized the ONLY thing I needed was the art. Finding someone to do that, though, for just the fun of it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped:no:…so here I am lol:cool:. If your programming language of choice happens to be Python (like mine) check out the scripting capabilities of blender…surprising really, at least to me the first time I read of them.

QFT. But if you’re like me and can’t draw for crap…sculpting is actually easier than most ppl think. Now getting it to look good is a different topic all together…but you can’t screw up a stick figure made out of clay…pretty impossible me thinks lol. Just make sure if your going to go the sculpting route, find a good clay that doesn’t dry out easily. Otherwise your going to be spending more time and money aquiring your medium then actually getting your hands dirty.
Once you have sculpting down…doing it with the computer will be super easy…only judging by your programming background. Just remember to KISS, which applies as much to 3d modeling as it does to programming.

Yes, and I think the tut’s on making a 2d logo into 3d are for you!! (at least for the menu…the demon sounds like it will have to be fully modeled and animated)

I am actually not a bad sketcher, but personally I haven’t had to call on my sketching skills once… therefore you can probably get by just fine too without any drawing skills… I think what it really takes is imagination, and knowledge on how to use blender’s amazing features. I’m just now getting into organic modeling, which is probably what you need to do a demon, here’s the thread I made where people posted to help me get started, which helped immensely.

Oh, come on, lipton_lover, every time you move a vert and judge that it’s in the right place you’re using your sketching skills. Learning how to sketch is really learning how to see, in the artistic sense. Just because you don’t have a pencil in your hand doesn’t mean the skill isn’t coming into play.

hockey97, it is possible to learn art and to learn Blender simultaneously, but it’s probably more sensible to separate the two.

Thanks for the input lol programmers joke lol .
um I am ok with art skill I am between beginner and advance I am just in the middle.
I can make a human figure but can’t make it look realist just cartoonish like I guess the shading part.
I am mainly good with c++ for programming I know some java, and know html,php,mysql, and some asm. I have played around with Python I know some of it. I never really tried making a full program with it. I know the basics of python, but dont’ know what libaries people use for their programs, basically advance stuff. If I brush up on python and learn what libraries are commonly used I bet I could get a hang of it. I am currently a html certified person and a computer technician certified. I am planning to get certified in php and c++.
I had blender for a while and played around with it. I learned how to apply texture to a 3d model. I one created a realistic looking eyeball 3d model from ground up by creating the texture and just using a 3d sphere. I followed a tutorial on uv-mapping.
I mainly just want to learn blender the 3d enviroment, I am good in 2d art, I can create shadows and lighting shades ins a 2d picture, but never even in 2d could make a realistic looking human or a car and buildings.
I have gimp for 2d. and plan to use blender 3d for 3d art.
but I want to improve my art knowledge so I can create good looking art.

I will google around for tutorials on art. I already have googled for blender tutorials but I find similar stuff. I never found free tutorials on how to bring your artwork to life.
I had one time using a photo of a car in a 5 sided box and tracing it by using single vertexes and creating a faces. it looked real and was exactly like the picture but the lighting was not great.
so I just want to work my way up by practicing and by learning the professional techniques.
I will start by what the first guy suggested to read that tutorial he gave.
this is mainly my long term goal, I am not really expecting to overnight be the greatest artist.
I mainly just want to be good enough that even artist would love to see my work. So I mainly have to know technical terms and how the pros do their stuff otherwise my artwork would not really attract artist to see my work.
well I am going to start that tutorial. Any more suggestions or tips of any kind in the art world would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Meh as long as you’ve already mastered another language all thats left to do with Python is learn the syntax…which when compared to other programming languages, reads like plain english.

(I never was really good with C++ and its been years since I’ve even looked at a source written with it so forgive the bad syntax). Here is what the Hello world looks like in c++:
#include <iostream.h>

cout << “Hello World!”;
return 0;

To someone that’s never read any type of code…thats scary. Really it is lol. Especially in bigger programs where there are literally tons of brackets all over the place. A bracket in Python??? What’s that? blocks are seperated by indention lol
The same program in Python:
print “Hello World”

So yeah a basic understanding of python is really all that is needed to write something that will actually work (of course as long as you have some type of programming background). Will it be efficient? Prolly not…but it will at least work lol.
When it comes to Python w/ Blender I’ve found (at least for me), its not really how much Python you know/how well you know it that’s important…its how well you understand how it ties into blender.