Need help!

Grah! Those driven shape keys! I have a number of annoying problems…

  1. You’ll notice that by rotating the bone named “R.Forewing” along the -Z axis, the shapekey RightArm is activated. If you look into the IPO window however, it blatantly states that if you rotate it 90 degrees +Z the key value will be 1. So why does it say +Z when I actually have to move it -Z? It works, but not quite the way expected.

  2. If for the right Forewing, the logic for the driven shape was “if rot=90Z then keyValue=1,” you’d expect that for the left one, the logic would be “if rot=-90Z then keyValue=1.” Strangely, this does not seem to be the case. In fact, everything I’ve tried has (obviously) not worked. So basically, what’s going on?

Yeah I need help. So, why is this happening and why isn’t that happening? Help is appreciated! I hate driven shape keys…


Penguin.blend (188 KB)

Should this go into the Animation thread?