need help

i would like to know how to a menu at the bottom of the camer in a game like a health bar

Could you explain a little better?

First off, get your english right.

thanks for tut
but the bar still go"s thru objecs

try to bring it closer to the camera. like as close as you can without it disappearing, even this means scaling the health bar down.

You can add overlay scenes, they are displayed in front of the camera, and the world color is set to alpha. Its like placing a 2D Sticker on the camera, the only issue is you need to use python to transfer the properties you want to display over to the second scene. It requires learning a bit of python, but the health bar will never go through objects.

howabout like this:
if you like it i’ll explain how to do it
(it’s the overlay thing gomer mentioned, and though i did’nt use python,
if you want something better that a ten-minute-fix you’ll need it.)

blender master
that is what i want how did you do it