Need help

Hiya people,

   I can't use the tutorials. It is like I have a mental block of some sort against them... so, if one of you kind people is willing, I'd like someone who can tutor me from Ground Zero up. 

I need/want to learn how to create, render and animate characters / ships / plants / etc… but I also need to learn the interface. I know that not many people are willing to tutor, but I need someone who is serious about teaching me.

I will pay via paypal if payment is necessary, but you have to be detail-oriented. I need things laid out completely because I become ‘fixed’ on the exactness of the given tutorial, and if a step is skipped, I get stuck.

Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you are completely sure you can teach me!

Thank you!

Have you tried Blender Cookie? Start at the end of the tutorial list and work your way backwards. If you just watch all the tutorials, even without following along in Blender, you will soak up the knowledge. If Jonathon Williamson can’t teach you, IMO you can’t be taught!

I will try that, thanks