Need help

hi there, i need help on a model that i am in the middle of making.

i want to subsurf the highlighted area, no the whole object.

is there a way to do this?

Any other tips on how i can improve it are appreciated.

You cannot use subsurf modifier on part of an object, it’s the whole lot or nothing.
Subsurf the whole object but control how the subsuf affects the edges particularly with edge loops or setting a crease value for an edge (Shift+E)

its ok i have found another way getting it the way i want.

Here is the model now

Have you considered separating the ship into separate meshes?
Obviously a real ship is built in many pieces so it would help give it a more realistic quality that this appears to be lacking right now. It looks somewhat like a toy, which generally are made with as few separate parts as possible.

I recommend looking up close-up detail images of real ships to see how they’re actually put together because for the model to look realistic you really need to put in some of those key separations that exist in the real world instead of just simply focusing on the overall shape. If you focus on one detail at a time basically, eventually the entire ship will begin to take shape and look much more real.

i need some help here, i am trying to create the bowthrusters on the ship, but when i try to use the differrence tool to do this it does nor work, i know that this is partly because of the subsurf i have placed on the model. But is there any other way that i can get around this.

Here is an image of what is happening

Consideringthepickle: thanks for your input it is much apreciated and will give it some thought.