Need help!


I am making a strategy/Roleplaying game… but i got some problems for the missions…

I dont know how to make them… so it would be good if someone could make a tutorial for me…

Thanks anyway…

Ideas also welcome

can anyone please answer

A bit of a request isn’t it. Giving only 2.5 hours for someone to put together a tutorial for you on something as complex as a RPG with the minimum of info you haven’t given.

Would be nice if you could give some more information on what you expect.
Are you looking for modelling tutorial, or do you need help with an event system, pathfinding or libary linking, or adding stuff to a game template to name just a few things may be part of “missions”?

Simply make the things necessary for the quest to be completed send out a message through a message actuator when the thing has been done or the appropriate amount/levels reached. Then you will be able to connect your message sensors through a single controller and the actuator can be set up to give out your reward, whether that be the next level or what not.

This is using Logic bricks, if you don’t understand just say so and I will explain it in more detail or post a .blend file if necessary. As far as putting it on the internet, it makes no difference as long as the game is meant only to be played by a single player, if you want a multiplayer-over-the-internet game you are talking about a major operation requiring lots of code and a few servers at the very least.

There’s a hundred and one different ways to design missions and to check their completion. It would help if you told us what the mission is that you’re trying to create. Are you using logic bricks or python? Perhaps a few more details about the project and it’s set up as well. Also don’t forget to include what version of Blender you’re using as the answer could be dependent on that - or to save you typing it every time, put the version you use in your sig.

The best way to get an answer to any questions is not to be vague but to assume that we know nothing and include every single detail you can think of related to your issue. The clearer the problem is the more likely you are to get help with it.

hmm… Logic bricks would be great if i could use them as my mission things. A thing thats a little bit important: my game would be online when i will release it… so do that make a different or what?