need help

hi, i need some blender animation . For example box or ball wich is moving. I need tutorial and finished work(blender file) , can you help me?

1: what a coincidence, your user name being john1970, on YouTube my username is john81078. :stuck_out_tongue:

2: do you mean like making a simple object look like it’s alive or something? if so theres a sort of tutorial on making a sphere hop around here. if not, please explain more. :slight_smile:

yes simple object , which moves. Yes i see tutorial how to do but i don`t want to make it. I need a work which is already done :slight_smile: can you help me?

hmm, well theres blendswap where you might be able to find something, but something like that really isn’t all that hard to make. how long have you been using blender, may i ask?