Need help?

I’m trying to teach myself blinder and udk and i feel like my brain is going to pop! I’m new to the gaming world I have some jave experience, so im not totally lost. My question is what do you believe is the best way to make a video game? Do I start in blender then move to udk? Or do I master UDK then move on to blender.

I don’t particularly like UDK so I would go with blender, in my opinion you learn a lot more by doing it with Blender

Start with blender is a better option. It’s easier to learn the basic with it and the interface is more “noob friendly”.

I, too, would start with Blender. It’s actually quite capable, and I’ve grown to like it very much. You will too, though it can be a little difficult to get working exactly as you want it to. Press on, however, and you’ll be satisfied with your progress.