Need help!

Hey guys, I’m new here, so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong thread. I am a complete noob to blender, just got it today. I watched some tutorials and messed around a bit but I want to make an intro for a video. I want my name, which i figured out how to do in 3D and all that, with a sniper scope zoomed in going from left to right on my name then zooming out to view my whole name. So i need to figure out how to make a scope, like circle with some lines with black around it, and somehow attach it to a camera and make that camera pan like I mentioned. Can anyone explain (in lots of detail) or point me to a video? Thanks for any help.

  1. Make a Hollow Cylinder. Shift-A > Mesh > Cylinder, and set the “cap fill type” to “nothing”, or manually delete the end faces in edit mode. Go into edit mode, select everything, and Flip Direction for the normals (this points the faces inward, making the interior of a tube).

  2. Parent the cylinder to the Camera. Position it accordingly.

  3. For the crosshairs, create a circle with a transparent texture. Parent the circle to the cylinder, and place it somewhere in the middle of the cylinder. is a brief example of how to do transparent textures.