need Help

I am working on David Wards Tutorial creating Rudolph.

I noticed the back of the neck has been pinched and I also noticed a lot
of triangles in the mesh. I had clipping checked but to show the mess
I made I unchecked that to show better. How do I fix that Or should
I just delete that body neck to start that over.

I thought you should see this as it is pinched.
Please help me to fix this

This is the first model I have done.

Please help me.

Looks to me like your struggling with manipulating your vertices. Here is a feature that will help you clean things up a bit. I know when I found it, things started getting a lot easier. As for the other problems your having, I suggest watching more modeling tutorials. Three or four of them at least. But defiantly keep at it. You will get it. It just takes time and patience.

pcolapat Thank you for your input I found that key and that did work for me. I will be using that one a lot more now. I will be viewing more tutorials like you suggested.