Need Help

Hey, im new to this forum and also new to blender as i started a yt channel and wanted to get an easy intro going :). I found an amazing intro that suits my channel perfectly:
I have ran into problems straight after downloading it, i downloaded a few other intros also and this happens with some of them but not all. I click on the file i downloaded, blender comes up and nothing is there no animation… I have no idea what to do please help, here is a screenshot:

Whenever I start learning a new serious, complex software like Blender, I start by reading the documentation on the User Interface and navigation otherwise I would just be lost.


Thanks for the reply, i got it up but then when i start rendering it, the font turns to pink, which when you look at the yt video its green and white.

Thanks for the reply, i got it up but when i start to render it, the font turns to pink when you can see from the youtube video it is green and white ?

Here is the link