Need help

I posted this video to get some input on a Hell of alot of Ideas I have that I can’t seem to get 1) motivated enough or 2) I get so far and just lose heart after viewing what I have done. Have any of you gone thru this?
How do you keep going after your heart and head tell you to just do it, but everything just looks like garbage. Maybe it’s just lack of talent, it could be a possibility. I just can’t keep ignoring these ideas though.

How do I keep going? Well I tell myself to just do it regardless of how well I think it will eventually turn out. Even if it turns out to be trash, I try to find ways to learn from the experience so that I can do better next time. Experts who gained years of experience didn’t become magically skilled overnight, but rather from repetitive amounts of trial and error to perfect their craft. All it takes to reach where you want to be is one step after another. Just focus on taking that next step rather than overwhelming yourself by looking at the big picture and eventually you will get there.

Thanks, I guess my biggest issue is that I’ve been using blender for more than 10 years now and I look at people’s works that have only been using it for half the time i have doing some Amazing thing with it. I’m guessing it must be that I just do this as a hobby. Was content in the past to just put out anything to meet a dead line, but now I’m wondering if I should really care about it anymore. I guess that’s the issue. I love these ideas I have and want to share them but in the long run I’m wondering if it’s worth it if no one will appreciate it.

It’s about art versus discovery. As long as there’s discovery there’s fun .
I guess the trick is to do it wether or not anybody cares.