Need help

Hello, i tried to make 3D text in the photo, but the shadow did not appear, when i added plane in the background.When i move the background plane the shadow appeared. How to fix it?


I think you need to make the text an actual object (if you haven’t already) - press alt+c, them mesh from…the bottom option

Sorry Tyko - this is not necessary…

So this is what effects shadows and reflections:

  1. Plane material is only Diffuse shader:

We have a shadow, but no reflection. :confused:

  1. Plane material is only Glossy shader:

We have a reflection, but no shadow. :confused:

  1. Plane material is both Glossy and Diffuse shaders mixed together:

We have a shadow and a reflection. :confused:

There is no need to convert the text to mesh object, just get the material for the plane correct. Pure Glossy materials do not have a shadow, pure Diffuse materials do not have a reflection, mix the two together and you get both. :eyebrowlift:

Cheers, Clock. :eyebrowlift:


Also make sure your lamp is not behind the rear plane… unless it is a sun of course, in this case the shadow from the rear plane might obliterate the shadow from the text as the position of a sun lamp is irrelevant. The sun light is assumed to come from an infinite distance away and is parallel light over the entire scene, so the position does not matter, only the angles to global axes are important.

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So true for all of us… :eyebrowlift:

So, you can then do something like this: :eek:

Uses a Spot lamp to get the text shadow, a front spot to light the text from the front and an Emission shader added into the image texture for the penguin to get the light level, the floor has an image texture feeding both Glossy and Diffuse shaders and then it is fed into the Displacement for the material.

Here is the node tree for the penguin:

and for the floor:

Cheers, Clock. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, for help. It works fine :yes: