Need high quality stickman modelled (and rigged)

Hi, I need a simple stickman model. It needs hands(thumb + lump, like a mitten) and feet. It should also have some thickness to it. I will draw out some simple reference images, and give some other reference photos before you start working. (I’ll post images here soon). It will be a simple model, however, I need a high quality one.

I also need the model rigged. I have some preferences for the rig, which we can talk more about after delivered model. If you don’t know how to rig, that’s not a big deal - I’ll get someone else to do it. However, the model needs to be created for animation purposes, and in Blender.

Price: 20$/hour. I’m willing to go higher if you’re a quality modeler and can show me a high quality portfolio/high quality previous work.
The model is going to be used for commercial use - I need all rights, and no royalties.

I pay with Paypal. I need to see the model in Blender through stream(for example through Skype) before I pay.

Naioai Studios.