Need icon designer

Hi all,

I’m developing a little tool suite for managing 3D files on various OS(at the moment onli windows), it will be opensource and use the Qt framework and Assimp. The program is almost complete and i need a icon designer for adding icons to the various Ui elements + all the mime formats supported by Assimp.

It’s requested a little bit of Qt Creator knowledge, or at last Qt Designer for managing Ui file.

So I’ll start a little competition: submit image here for the main program icon + the svg file used for the work(as prove that is your work).
The name of the program is 3D Mate(it isn’t so original so I’m open to new names!). At the moment it use a Dark theme as default, so make the icon that looks good in a dark theme( the background color is RGB: 64,64,64; It’ also use a white theme, so i think that the best is to use icons with alpha channel). You have white paper for the design, and you can resubmit multiple times(until I’ve decided the winner).

If you need more info you can ask here.
These are some useful links: Assimp, Qt

Thanks in advance!!

The winner gets their art stolen. Yeah \o/

I’m developing a little tool suite for managing 3D files on various OS

I wonder how this should work? i mean doesn’t it just depend on the software each of the people use?
Here is an example of a workflow that actually happend this way, because everyone is using diffrent software:

  1. I built a model and texture in blender (.blend) i export the mesh as OBJ and the texture as PNG.
  2. A Maya user imports the OBJ builts a rig with animations and exports as FBX
  3. Now the FBX is imported with assimp to a game engine.

So i dont see where diffrent OS could be a problem? it’s just the diffrent 3D Softwares, with diffrent import/export possibilities.
I am really interested, where 3D Mate will support the workflow and i am looking forward to the release to see what it actually does.
Or maybe you can give an example of what 3D Mate actually does or where it comes in handy.

I would built an icon, but i dont have alot experience with SVG Files. I only imported some into blender to rebuilt logos in 3D for example. But to actually build a SVG you need a Vector Program like Inkscape?

you’ve never released work creative commons then?

clearly the guys says he is looking for volunteer for open source project, or do you think all developers and addon programmers for blender consider their work stolen when it gets commited to blender?

The main purpose of the program which I don’t have achieve at the moment is to provide thumbnails and preview of the file in the explorer shell, for all OS system that support it. This is a dll that come with the program. The program it self is just for open and view this files. Since it’s relative small it open quickly so you don’t have to open for example Maya or Blender to view the content of the file.
This comes handy when you have a lot of file in one dir, in this way in can easily see what is the content of the file.
A simple example is the images on windows and it’s viewer, you can see it’s preview, size, format, etc… and open in windows photo viewer for more advanced view(zooming, rotate). In this case with the program you can import, apply texture and see the results(in glsl) without open a big program. Instead with the dll(the shell extension) give you instead of the size of the image the number of verts, tris, quads,etc… + a real time preview in the preview pane. A the end It’s a sort of “marmoset tool beg”;

And yes Inkscape is perfectly suited for SVG. However if you can’t give the SVG i’ll accept however the icon, as said it’s only a prove that is your work.

I’ve forgot: there are three weeks after the first submission.

Sorry for my previous comment. Not sure why I said that. I think I forgot this was the ba forum.

It’s ok don’t worry!

I think a rough sketch of what you want would help. It would probably take about 30 seconds in paint. :wink:

here are 4 preview renders. the 2 on the top are transparent in the middle, while the bottom 2 are only transparent on the border.

Layer 1+2 are the 2 icons on the top.
Layer 3+4 are the 2 icons on the bottom.

By Default the resolution is 512x512. Just change it to what you need.

Here a Link for the Blend:

Hope you like it :-).

Oooh, nice! I was gonna give it a shot but it seems like you’ve got it!

wow Really Cool! Amazing! that’s why i do this! i’ll never do something like that! Good Job!

Hey, if you start talking like that, you’ll never get good at blender. I had that same kind of attitude when I started, I couldn’t model, so I never tried. Fast forward about 2 years, when I finally decided to give modelling a go, and the final product wasn’t half bad. Basically, you should never say you can’t do something before trying it.

Yeah i know the problem is that i jump from a project to another, I have a lot of passion(guitar, modeling, programming) and it’s difficult do this all together…

OK! The “contest is end” so thanks to everyone!!