Need icons for paint brushes

Hi all we are in need of icons for the paint brushes to be used with the new brush selector.

The paint mode brushes needed are for

Weight Paint, Vertex Paint, and Texture Paint

Texture Paint needs

Clone, Draw, Smear, Soften

Weight Paint and Vertex paint need

Add, Blur, Darken, Lighten, Mix, Multiply, Subtract

Preferably they should be stylistically consistent with the rest of Blender, and also go well with the sculpt icons of Eclecitel.

In my opinion, I think all these icons are HUGE and quite clumsy looking. I think if they were half size, the wholw thing would be more pallatable.


Agreed. Electiels icons look great, but they’re too big to be in keeping with blenders interface.

Doubly agreed…fantastic design, poorly implemented(size).

I disagree. These are not ordinary icons, they are sculpt icons. They need to be big so we can actually see the effect better. Moreover, they are part of a menu, not all showing up on the shelf.

Please keep the size as it is now.

Hum I’am going to take a look at figuring out some good icons for those brushes.

besides the size, there’s one thing that bothers me. The color coded for each function is awesome! brilliant. Just one thing that might it even better!

slightly brighten the affected area of the brush. so on the “draw” icon, maybe the drawed S line is a bit ! just a tiny bit lighter. and another example the “inflate” the bubble that’s inflated could be lighten.

it’s good for the user to get that color coded feedback “these belongs together” , I can suspect similar functionallity.

but! also to get, with the highlighted area I suggest , the “effect” of the brush more visually popping out.

this brush belongs to this set of functionallity , and this “crease” you see here highlighted is the effect of using it. etc.

good or bad idea?

On later thoughts, if the icons are going to be 1/2 size, it’s just gonna be smudgy to high-lighten the “effect” area of the sculpt tools. So I with draw the above statement.

great insight and brilliant idea.

Here’s a placeholder icon for weight paint mode

click here for the full image

Sample placeholder weight paint icon

Here’s a 96x96 alpha mask

And the blend file of the sphere/scene

To make icons for weight, texture and vertex paint modes using a blend you can use the following method.

Get the above template blend file and switch to camera view(0 key). Now simply render the viewport, you should get a 192x192 size image which you can save.

Next, open this saved render in an image editor like GIMP, scale the image down to 96x96 size, add another layer on top with the alpha mask from the above link. This should give you your very own paint brush icon.

Feel free to replace the sphere in the blend with your own, just remember to keep the same position.

good icons needed to doing nothing

Texture Paint - Clone Brush


When sculpting or painting the user ‘should’ be using a tablet and most users will, therefore the thumbnails need to be bigger in order to allow quicker selection, perhaps having the option of selecting where the icons will be loaded from (via the path tab in the user interface panel) would allow the user to use icons of varying sizes and the menu would automatically scale itself to fit the images loaded in.

No need to have dicreet sized icons like that hack program Zbrush or that other waste of time Mudbox or even that non-starter sculptris. Those guys are all wrong. Icons need to be seen from the moon if you’re using a tablet or they are of no use at all.


Gave the texture-paint icons a try… Weight-painting ones are harder.

(ZIP file)

I like mudbox icons:

something similar in style would be nice…

Just to clarify the intention of those “icons”… I like MyPaint’s approach for brushes
We are calling these brushes’ representations “Icons”, though I see them more as swatches. People will be doing their own brushes, and as in Mypaint there could be quite a lot of them. A swatches-approach gives a small sample of the brush. In this case, both the sculpt ones and the texture-paint ones, are something in between an icon and just a rough swatch.


hooow about, using blenders generated texture, the checker pattern one … the UV grid. as background for the Texture Paint Brushes, , and B/W above as in your icon set (it looks good!)

that was my idea, (I cant use my computer, it’s rendering a scene so haven’t gotten to doing icons) … theeen you can illustrate , Lighten, Darken, Multiply , Add, Burn etc more easy against the gray grid background… it’s enough with a 2x2 grid, or 4x4.

Ok big icons are good, are we getting 1,2,3,4,5,6 number shortcuts to select w/o clicking? would be nice not to travel so much with the pen.

And on Weight Paint Brushes I had in mind the blue-green-yellow-red gradient background that is characteristic for Weight Paint.


That doesn’t sound too bad, though keep in mind that in Texture-paint, “darken”, “lighten”, etc. are just blend modes not brushes (at least right now there are no presets for those treated as unique brushes).
And maybe the vertex-paint and weight-paint “lighten”, “darken”, “add”, etc. should be separate icons. Since you can play with, for instance, a “lighten” representation for texture/vertex color, which doesn’t say much for the effect in weight painting.

The icon would be describing just the word “lighten”, but in practice there is no visual lightening in weight painting, and the effect is to raise the weight in that vertex. Non of both have much to do with the word “lighten”.

(Don’t know if there are plans to keep them separated)

My concern about the grid is if it may clutter things a bit. Although would be nice to see an example of what you have in mind.

Just a list that I was checking earlier from the wiki, describing the weight-painting effect of each brush:

  • Mix: The new colour replaces the old colour. Applying more and more of the new colour will eventually turn it the new colour.
  • Add: The new colour is added to the old. Note that you must think in weight here (not in RGB colours): adding blue (0.0) to something won’t modify it, adding green (0.5) to green will give red (1.0), …
  • Sub: The new colour is subtracted from existing. Here again you have to think in terms of “weight”, and not “RGB colours”.
  • Mul: The new colour is multiplied by the old.
  • Filter: Paint based on alpha value.
  • Lighter: Only paints vertices “darker” (lower weight) than the current “colour”, “lightening” them.
  • Darker: Only paints vertices “lighter” (higher weight) than the current “colour”, “darkening” them.

You’re right, very good icons.

Is it possible to make similar icons with an open source or freeware software?

Eclectiel we can go with your texture icons for now, we have place holder icons from Bassam for the Blend modes, but I think perhaps a different alternative is needed. Hmm turns out that due to our text being black it isn’t visible when used with your icons, so for the short term we will use the place holder icons that Bassam created.

How about making the icons slightly smaller (80x80 instead of 90x90) and put the text outside? This would allow people to make their own icons with more freedom without worring about making them work well with the text overlay.

I was thinking to start making the Blending modes today, please if you can confirm if this is possible I’ll be able to start sooner.