Need Ideas for Personal Art Projects

So, I’m a little less busy with my team-oriented game projects (a little). I’ve decided to actually build a rep in art and have some fun with Blender. Anyone have any ideas for some art projects? Something you might do, but don’t really want or have time to, or something you think would be just plain awesome to see? I’ve got some ideas, but want to “practice” first. Still a Blender noob over here, and haven’t done any artwork at all for a while. Any ideas appreciated, ANY. Thanks in advance.

P.S. - I don’t think this will stunt my creativity at all as I’m prone to put my own spin on things.

How ‘personal’ is it when the ideas come from somebody else?

Anyways, I recommend doing weekend challenges and other things where the topics are predefined by others. Worked for me.

Oh, duh… I should have thought of that. Thanks.

Um… you’re right, not very personal. But from my viewpoint it’s more personal than what I usually do.

Hi Techie_929,

Been in the same situation for quite some time. Wanted to skill the creative side… I recently started to make music again and have had a try with Blender. Like Sago says, start with simple things. A still with a bottle of wine (in Blender and next to your computer :slight_smile: and a newspaper (bloody difficult to draw…), a tree, etc…

Think playing is the key word, good luck


Thanks, well appreciated. I’ll write a list, starting with “tree”. Hm… if I just play around I’ll probably end up making some super-high-poly thing that makes no sense whatsoever. Thanks again.


That’s a great list of things theLichKing, I recommend that Techie_929 look for suggestions there.

Some ideas from me (I haven’t read the speedmodeling thing thoroughly so expect some of my suggestions to be in there ;)).
Sword (very simple)
Wine glass/bottle (fairly easily done with box modeling)
Simple head (like the one in my avatar)
Chess pieces (sounds difficult, but it really isn’t (until you get to the knight ;)))
Book (easy)
And last but not least…
Suzanne (you can probably do this already ;))

Remember to add materials and hopefully textures, put the models in simple scenes (this may sound retarted but I put a wine glass on a mountain and it looked pretty good), and have fun, don’t do it “because you need to get good at blender”. If you just don’t have any fun with it, maybe blender isn’t for you.


P.S. You can e-mail me if you have any specific problems (i.e. don’t know which key to press etc.).

P.P.S. I’m saying this as a friend, not as an art director.