Need ideas to active/desactive hitboxes

I have a rigged character with several actions. On some bones, hitboxes are linked.
I’d like to set if the hitbox is active or not while the animation step (when I create all the actions)

For exemple: while a punch, the arm’s hitbox is active from the frame 5 to the frame 10.

Maybe I could add a custom property (where?) with boolean value and use it in a BGE python script. Or use the game properties but it isn’t possible to keyframe them.

So I’m a little bit lost about how to do that.

Are your hitboxes sensor type?

If that is the case, you can exclude them in your evaluation logic e.g. by using states.

If they are statics to deflect physical objects, I suggest you scale them to nearly 0.0. You can do that with a two keyframe action (frame a: scale 1.0 frame b: scale 0.0)

If you need your character to react dynamically to collisions and external forces then you can use my ragdoll which is controlled by an armature, So you basically animate the armature and get dynamic results with the ragdoll when you play that animation ingame. Thread link in my signature.
No advertising intended. :wink:


I made an animation-logic system for EXACTLY THAT task!