Need ideas gets 500-600 hits daily… but I don’t have anything for those people to do. Do you have any ideas? Something to keep people coming back and interested? I’d think about holding a contest but I have no prized :stuck_out_tongue:

some ideas
-some infos about how to work in team
-some infos about how to make a good and finished game by small garage teams
-poll: will you donate projects?
-some donation system
-poll: will you buy commercial quality blender games?
-sections for games depending on the quality and/or size
-following wip projects
-section for non-BGE games (games that uses Blender for graphics)

Good ideas, thanks!

Here are my ideas:

  1. Design a really awesome game and tutorial the entire process of making it. Really focus on the design of the game making it a truly amazing game not just for Blender but on it’s own and people will definitely keep coming back.

  2. Start a blog on general game engine topics in Blender, and game-making in general. Report on all Blender and non-Blender game industry news.

  3. Create a place for people with game ideas to pitch their ideas or something and create a way for them to find team members. and provide resources to help them. Or you could setup a contest and call for pitches and then have people vote on the best pitch and the community will work on that game together through the site perhaps.

I’m gonna set up a new theme and have a blog that feeds to the homepage. Wordpress 3 has some really handy new features :slight_smile:

idea: search some very simple but very good flash games for Blender users remake it in BGE
this is good to learn how to make a complete and finished game

wow you are fast, man!

He’s a gamer - gamers need to be fast.

What do you mean, the site? Haha I’m not even close to done. Drop down menu are being stubbern and I’m trying to hack the site and force them to display. Without them… there’s no good way of finding the categories (games) and I also have to get rid of that header…

thinking of adding a blender game to the header. Maybe Sintel, or Krum? Ideas?