need intro to character animation via motion tracking :)

I’m looking into doing a project that is 100% animated but I want to use real actors to workout the scenes… in a way that would allow me to choose camera angles later in most cases.

Bear in mind that this is a low budget project… for a price range my current project (DV feature drama) is around $10,000 but I would preferr to keep software in the GPL domain.

Right now in my newbieness I an thinking of using 3-5 video cameras basically one on each side except bottom and cover the actors with markers at joints, etc. with something like colored masking tape…

It boils down to that I would then need something that can plot the motion of those markers so I can attach the 3D character.

Any ideas?

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i am pretty sure i saw an inexpensive motion tracking solution in the other software forum that includes cameras and sensors, and i think it exports bvh, which is what you want. blender imports bvh, and there are many bvh files readily available at various web locations, many of which are free.

thanks! I havn’t found it yet but I’ll keep looking… now that I know what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

sad, because i saw it too, and now i can’t remeber where i saw it. was it deathfall? or slashdot? or maybe cgtalk?
anyway this link may also help you: