Need Jet fly script and camera rig that looks like this...paypal on completion

This video is exactly how Id like my jet to look when it flys. And the camera behavior that goes with it

wsad is fine with u for up and y for dive

1- random positioning of the jet as it flys in the camera view
2- jet points and seems to grip the air as it accelerates towards its direction
3- jet flys like its actually a jet flying, with camera jitter in places

Its hard for me to verbalize but I will know when you show me your work that you hit the mark.

Tell me price b4 u start.

you can get a quick jet model at blendswap.
add a simple terrain and sky to show the movement more clearly

this is something i have struggled with for over a year and I really need help. My game is not viable without this.

Just to be clear. What game engine do you need it for?

To avoid implementation problems, please use blender 2.65

I know not if there would be issues using a different version than my project, but alas, no need to compound the difficulty.

Feel free to pm me your price bids and any clarification questions.

The video says it all, I dont want anything approximating it, I want the jet to fly the way it does and the camera to constrain in the same manner.

There must be someone here capable of filling this brief.

I can do it,

I already wrote it :smiley:

You did? wowness! :slight_smile:

I have been wrestling with camera constraints and flight variables for a year on and off. I finally decided to just offer it up as a job here. But Im quite determined to get a version very close to how that jet behaves in the video.

btw, how is wrectified going? looks like a really worthy project. What is inferred lighting?

Wrectified progresses, the actor rig has been updated, and things are getting easier to.setup and control, and should be usable by anyone soon,

About your jet,

If own.localLinearVelocity.z >cornering threshold:

If own.localLinearVelocity.z<(cornering threshold):

If going to fast, pulling up to hard just slows you until you “catch” then you carve.

I can rigup everything with properties you can adjust for different planes.

BluePrintRandom thanks,

would it be possible to see it in a blend file

what about the camera “jitter” and constraints, plane randomly sliding around the camera view.

if i use it we can talk price and obviously game credits.

ok, so Just pay me like 15$ on my indieegogo?

Part 1 banking forces

Part 2 camera in a minute

ok, here is both, working correctly in 1 file

Ws pull up nose down,
Qe thrust adjust

The camera is using a random float offset, from a empty location and rotation,

I can easily have keypresses switch camera location and types

Also, the float is dampened with .1 right now, but it can be dependent on the value extracted from own.localLinearVelocity.z and thrust,

So the harder your pulling up/ down the more the camera shakes,

Also shaking in takeoff would be realistic

Note these are demo files, and I have no problem dialing them in for you,

Happy blending

Side note, indieegogo monies are going into bge development.


Part2.blend (588 KB)

here it is with a alt cam

Tab= change camera

also shake is worse the higher throttle is

note the scripts are for made in 2.7 but no api changes impact these scripts,


Part3.blend (595 KB)

part4 - added condition for force application for carving,

import bge

def main():

    cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
    own = cont.owner
    if V.z&gt;own['ThresholdZ']:
    if V.z&lt;own['ThresholdZ']:
        if Value&gt;=.5:

New code =

if Value>=.5:

so there is a min threshold for z based force applications (carving force)

(does not move unless your thrusting etc)

Next up,

Torque applied with nose up nose down, has speed value adjustment

(you can’t pull up while sitting still and have it work)


Part4.blend (595 KB)

added death and explosion if Velocity is greater then 3 and you hit map,

carving force is too feeble, feels like a floating “around” chopper or zeplin…

can you make the jet more assertive in the sky?

(I know I said Im going to bed, you picked a great time to lay all this on me…3.55 am :D)

ok, I was testing it with camera parented to jet. looks kinda better from distance view in your video…but still, jet needs to feel more assertive when pressing keys from its parented camera perspective. feels a little floaty, i could be wrong.

it’s floaty, I can add a parented version, that’s “physics cam”

fixed some stuff with V.magnitude vs V.y and an if statement for lift,

import bge

def main():

    cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
    own = cont.owner
    if V.y&gt;=0:
        if V.z&gt;own['ThresholdZ']:
        if V.z&lt;own['ThresholdZ']:
            if Value&gt;=.5:

I can add a cam 3

Cam 1 - parented

Cam 2 - “chasing”

Cam 3- side view etc?

I cant believe Im still up…but my gf is like “go to bed” without conviction…

btw…i dont know if u know this but when your view is bad in relation to object, hit ctrl numpad “.” it fixes all the nuggies and if not shift or alt…plus numpad “.” so good! …those three are magic…makes things 10X easier

hmm…s is down explode…w is down explode hahaha Im going to bed for real this time! very delighted!

added lighting and a better ray, and fixed some lift issues,


Version7.blend (745 KB)


Version8.blend (765 KB)

Added Wrectified “ForceLean” mouse control,


Version9(Mouse).blend (772 KB)

So right now it “floats” using a ray, if it’s close enough to the ground, I can add a rigid body wheel that flips out ,and then turns rigidbody,

(real landing gear)

also, the limit for speed is using a equation I derived, and have not graphed, so the top speed etc may be unpredictable at present,
lets just say right now the drag is proportional to speed,