Need Laptop buying advice

Hi, I’ve once posted here for advice on desktop parts purchases years ago and I had received a lot of useful info. Hoping to see if I can get the same experience again :yes:

Here goes. Ever since I’ve picked up an iPad, I’ve stopped using my desktop for a lot of the superficial thing like facebook and news reading. This made me realize how little I actually spend at my computer working on actual projects. Over the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that portability is more important to me than the power of the computer. The problem was simply access, I couldn’t access my projects during most of my downtime which happens to be away from my room where the computer is tethered. However, I still want all of the strength I can muster from the laptop.

So I’ve been looking around for 17 in screen laptops with capability to have at least 8 GB ram (Ram will be upgraded with any numbers of 2x4GB set of RAM from newegg or other sources) and good CPU/GPU. I would prefer to have a laptop with HDMI out, card reader (specifically SD), and bluetooth but I can go without them. USB 3.0 would be a good plus as I have a USB 3.0 compatible external drive. Webcam is a must as I’m deaf and I calls through a video phone interpreting service on my computer.

I want to focus on the needs of Blender3D and other art software like the Adobe Software, Maya, GIMP, , web design, and more.

The key thing is that my budget is around $700. I can go just a little over if it mean I get a good enough return for that $$$ increase.

So far, I’ve settled onto 2 laptop but I am just not too sure which one would be better or whether I’m missing other even better laptop for the budget.

Acer Aspire ($649.99)

Dell Inspirion ($668.00) (best buy and staples have it, I think)
:EDIT: the dell laptop have 8GB ram and 750 GB HD based on the sale paper from the local staples here in DC. So the spec is a bit higher than my original link. Can’t figure out how to link to the info though, the weekly ad page on staple site really mess with that. :EDIT: :EDIT2: got the link! :edit2:

I know that there are other laptops out there but I’m out of touch on exactly how to spot the best laptop right now. I hope that this is enough info for you guys

:RocknRoll: Thanks :RocknRoll: