Need little help on baking AO with circles

Hey there!

So I’ve been into blender for a while always getting so much help from You guys, so there’s another thing I have problem with.
It’s baking Ambient Occlusion for models made out of circles - basically circle shape.

I attached picture to show what’s the problem.
When I’m baking an AO for a bottle, it kinda makes these darker lines along it…on the spots where edges are.
I used 32 vertex circle and made bottle out of it.
I tried adding more loop cuts but same effect.
I’m using AO bake with margin set to 4, Raytrace gather, distance 1 and samples set to 15.

Is there any other settings or way of fixing it?
I’ve tried fixing this AO in Photoshop, but it’s damn irritating to make shading smooth and making right texture.

I would really appreciate answers!


Bottle.blend (689 KB)

Edit: Never mind. I misunderstood the problem.

But, attempt 2. Try adding a subsurf modifier and upping the render resolution.

I’ve tried that already, AlveKatt trust me, it doesn’t help. For some reason these darker places are still baked in same spots…it’s a little bit frustrating. I’ve had this problem since forever, and tried avoiding modeling with circles because of that :S

But thanks for taking time to reply!

AO baking set to nomalised to show up the banding

No change to your blend file

Added a subsurf modifier

Changed the AO sampling from Constant QMC to Constant Jittered (no subsurf)

mg this helped so much! :D I didn't know I could make way better and brighter AO maps using this settings...thank you so very much! :D Love you