Need Logic/Scripted objects for bge

Basic Description Here:

I need a scripter/logic person to work with me in this venture I have going on.

I got the basic character movements, animations, and a few rigged objects already. However, I’m making a mini game which requires a controller object to send messages to different light sources to display weather or not a room has power. These messages would work on a bool switch stating weather to play the on animation which would be light, or an off animation which would be dark. I also need there to be an alert light through out the ship that would allow different levels of lighting events through out the story such as red alert, yellow alert things like that.

Also, I will need an event system on a timer to allow progression through time and trigger events to play sound events. I have people willing to work with me on voice acting, and I can get the programming for that ready, but It would be alot easier for some help with this as its just swirling around in my head like crazy with all that I’m trying to focus on. I would appreciate any help anyone would like to offer! If you guys wish, I can quickly and easily set up a teamspeak server in order for VOIP collaboration if needed.

Anyone interested in working with me on this kind of game?