Need major help with compositing 3d objects with tracked footage

Ok, my main goal in using blender is to integrate basic 3d objects with live action footage. I have successfully tracked several scenes and have insured that whatever 3d models created appear to be ‘stuck’ with the footage I have shot. I’ve ran through many tutorials but none of them ever complete the entire process of rendering usable passes to be used in applications such as after effects. So I was wondering if anyone out there is aware of any good tutorials that cover the integration of 3d with live action footage from beginning to end (preferably with the use of cycles.) I’ve done a few tutorials where I can sort of tinker with the shadows and ambient occlusion and what not within blender, but I really just need some kind of workflow to get my objects,shadows and ambient occlusion in their own image sequences so I can edit them later in after effects.

Tutorials, pics of node setups that show how to integrate models with a video background or whatever tips are all welcome. Thanks a bunch.

well, if you want to render out separate image sequences for each pass you want to export, just add a ‘file output’ node for each pass in the compositor. I’m pretty sure it’s as simple as that.

I hate to make blatant plugs… but you might want to take a look at Every piece of tracked footage is fully set up for both Blender Internal and Cycles. It will give you a fair idea of how to composite tracked footage for cycles as well as BI. The Warehouse shots (especially Warehouse 7), tackle a variety of compositing issues. And if you can’t solve a problem, drop a line here. We’ll all try to help.

And Steve is right- connect that file output node to any node you want the results from. Blender will output an .EXR file by default (I don’t actually think I have ever defined a different format than that; don’t know if you can change it.). It works beautifully.

thanks for the help guys, i’ll check out that website later on today.

I reccomend checking out the Match, Track, Blend DVD

I have worked out a workflow with after effets and blender. You can combine passes into a EXR sequence or sperate sequences then just composite in aftereffects changing the blending modes appropriately and using track matts with curves arranged to act as factors for adjustment layers. Also, you can export the camera movements and tracking points to after effects or for that matter from after effects to blender. There is almost no limit to how the two programs can interact. The big thing is just understanding how to translate what people do in tutorials between the two programs. That being that you can learn a lot from node compositing tutorials that applies to aftereffect is you know what your doing.